Supression Of Underwater Noise Induced by Cavitation



The SONIC Project (Supression Of Underwater Noise Induced by Cavitation) started on the 1st October 2012.

The SONIC consortium is made of 14 partners from 7 countries which include France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom and includes: Europe's largest hydrodynamic research institutes, leading shipyard companies, the world's largest propeller manufacturers, a major maritime classification organisation and influential research organisations.

The aim of the SONIC project is to develop tools to investigate and mitigate the effects of underwater noise generated by shipping. The project.s first objective is to enhance the understanding of noise generated by a cavitating ship propeller. The second objective is to validate predictions of noise levels for individual ships, and to classify ships based on simplified noise models. The third objective is to map the noise generated by shipping in general and to propose mitigation measures for quietening the oceans.

SONIC will deliver the technical knowledge required for mapping, measuring and mitigating noise from shipping. The results of the SONIC project will contribute to reducing the noise in the oceans and improving the well-being of marine life.

The project was coordinated by MARIN and had a duration of 3 years from 1 October 2012.